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Downloadable Remixes
Machine Made Pleasure - Shine (Matt Mix)
Machine Made Pleasure - The Coming Storm (High Pressure Mix)
Machine Made Pleasure - I Break The Chain (NWR Mix)
Machine Made Pleasure - I Can't Take The Pain (Mega Dance Mix by Spurious)
Remixes we have done for other bands:
"Spirit Within"
"Ends with E"
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Fake The Envy  - Sweep Us All Away (Machine Made Pleasure Mix)
Spurious!  - The 4 Corners Of My Mind (Machine Made Pleasure Mix)
Machine Made Pleasure - You're My Mirror (Reformation Mix)
Brand New Day - Going Mad  (Machine Made Pleasure Mix)
Fake The Envy - What Kind Of Mess  (Machine Made Pleasure Mix)
Camouflage - We Are Lovers (Machine Made Pleasure Mix)
Machine Made Pleasure - Single Moment (Blue Orion Studios Mix)